How many stars are there?

Technically speaking, to know how ma Y stars are there,

We must know how to count them.


Normally we use naked eye and telescopes.

Using telescopes,we can count and have counted, 9096 stars.

That's it?

Yes,that's it!


But they all belong to our own galaxy ,the cute spiral milky way!


What about other galaxies then?

Our nearest galaxy is Andromeda.

We still don't know,what is happening inside them,

Unless we go there or we have a good visual sight.

So,to be frank, we don't know.


Now how many galaxies are there?

How do we count galaxies'?

We look in the sky,

Using telescopes,

Normal ones,

Radio telescopes,

Hubble space telescope,

And other outer space telescopes.

Now we identify the general properties of a galaxy ,like mass,luminosity,speed etc and deduce that,they will be a galaxy.

(there are other methods of verification too)


By this method, we have estimated that,

There will be a 200 billion galaxies or 20 thousand crore galaxies.

By a similar assumption,for these much galaxies,

There would be nearly 1 septillion stars,

That's 24 zeroes after 1,


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