Privacy Policy is the Physics based blog, aiming to deliver scientific knowledge in the possible of all form by its admin and other authors.

In this blog, the use of I, we, me, mine, my, us is generally used in an article by its own author. All other places the usage of such pronouns is considered as the admin.

The blog or its admin may allow freelance scientific writers to publish their writings here under copyright credits and proper citations. Admin is not responsible for the faults made by any of the authors/

More details regarding the Blog's aim and admin is given in the About Us page,kindly read that.

I have taken the tips from Ammar Ali, the owner of AllBloggingTips. He is an awesome person, if he ever sees this, I would like to give my thanks and gratitude to him. :D

The First logo of the blog was the one with Black and Red coloration, which is still in use.

The Second Logo of was created By Nasim Afeef KJ which is also still in use.

Current logo is the blog name written in black and green coloration with the motto: Opensource Media Learning

If we have taken any materials in the form of copyrighted texts, images or anything, feel free to contact the admin via email. we are glad to respect your valuables.
We will be using materials made by others with their respective credits and names, mainly from open sources, other cited sources including wiki sources.

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