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Hi Reader,
If you feel, you have something to contribute to the blog, feel free to contact: nihal@cusat.ac.in

If you are planning to write something here, please make sure the following instructions;

Basic Layout
Articles should have minimum 600 words
Must be your own creation; Plagiarised articles or articles created using article spinners are prohibited.
Usage of Images, Videos are allowed, giving credits and citations to the respective copyright owners.

What you should not do?

  1. Never copy paste any part of the article from any sources,even though they allow free copyright.
  2. Never give your own views unless it is scientifically proved.
  3. Don't try to advocate Pseudo Science or Fan Theories.
  4. Never use any sort of abusive language.

What you will get?

Under each of your posts,
  1. Full Name
  2. Designation/job/Status/position
  3. Email Address / Social Media Links
  4. You will get the advantage of an author of LetsPhysics.com, you can add it to your Linkedin Profile, social media or your CV (Science Writer/Journalist)
  5. Bonus: If you are too a blogger, a single back link is permitted (only for science bloggers only)

What you will not get?
No Economic aids including money or other paid services.

Format to Send the email:
Subject : Desired Article Title 
Content : Your typed data(either direct text mail or can attach as a .txt, .doc, .pdf file),images including equations and other related images without copyright violations, Search tags

If you are a First-time writer ( or irregular writer):
Send me Your Full name, Designation/job/Status/position, and a passport size photo as a separate mail asking permission to write at LetsPhysics.com (Unless you have already got the permission to write)

Permanent author: If you want a permanent authorship at LetsPhysics.com ,You have to write/make at least 10 articles and mail for permission. Approved persons will be given an authorship via blogger.com profile.


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